Kosovo-Serbia Reconciliation Festival opens in Belgrade

The Mirëdita, Dobar Dan festival, which means “good day” in Albanian and Serbian and promotes reconciliation between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians, opened Wednesday in Belgrade with a photo exhibition, “All our tears”, which pays homage to victims of war in Yugoslavia, particularly ethnic Serbs, Albanians, and Macedonians.

“The festival starts with this because war victims are a stumbling stone in our relations. To understand each other better, we need to know what happened. This exhibition intends to give space to the voice of victims because it is a zero point of every dialogue,” Sofija Todorovic, the program director of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, one of the organizers, said.
She emphasized that the exhibition was created in cooperation with associations of families of missing and killed people from Serbia and Kosovo, as well as families of killed civilians and internally displaced persons from North Macedonia.
The stories represent several aspects of the wars in the former Yugoslavia – family photos of missing persons, crime scenes, mass graves, internally displaced persons, and memorials, but also the long-lasting consequences of the conflict that are still felt today, showing the tragedy and complexity of the war.

Autor: BIRN