Kurti: The vote for Shaip Kamberi is a patriotic task

On May 27, Shaip Kamberi and the "Coalition of Albanians of the Valley" seek for the third time the support of Albanians in securing a seat in the Serbian Parliament. Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti has invited Albanians there to vote for Shaip Kamberi today.

"We have already seen that Serbia, its figures and political mechanisms, have done everything to prevent Albanians from having their voice in the Assembly. So, the first thing on your daily agenda, go out and vote at the Voting Center no. 6 in Ternoc,” Kurti wrote adding that the Albanians of the Valley must give a message and a lesson to those who nurture impatience with the Albanian factor and who tried to stop the Albanian voice in Belgrade. "The blow starts with the first vote at the opening of the polling stations, reaching the number of votes needed for Shaip and the support for him", Kurti wrote on "Facebook".
According to him, the vote for Shaip Kamberi and the Coalition of Albanians of the Valley is a patriotic duty of everyone with the right to vote. "Shaip is a flag carrier in the parliament and outside it, to tell the truth, and to protect the rights of Albanians in the Serbian parliament and to commit against the constant oppression by the power of the autocratic regime in Serbia,” he added.