IMF staff concludes visit to Kosovo

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission, led by Mr. Gabriel Di Bella, conducted a staff visit to Kosovo during May 10 – 13 and May 20, to discuss recent economic developments, the outlook, and policies. Mr. Di Bella issued the following statement after the visit:

"The war in Ukraine represents a severe shock for Kosovo. While direct trade and financial channels with conflict countries are negligible, the impact of the increase in the international prices of food and energy on Kosovo’s imports could be as high as 5.5 percent of GDP. While the momentum from last year’s recovery is still strong, the shock will inevitably affect demand and economic activity in 2022. Although the pandemic and the war represent serious challenges, they have also spurred interest from investors to relocate to Europe. Maintaining sound macroeconomic policies and financial stability, as well as advancing the implementation of reforms will be essential to attract foreign direct investment to Kosovo."