Kurti: Kosovo offers many opportunities for foreign investment

The Diaspora Business Forum which will be held today and tomorrow in Prishtina will bring together 197 businessmen from around the world and over 170 locals. This activity brings together businesses from the diaspora with local businesses and institutions from the central and local levels to explore partnerships.

Kosovo Prime Minister  Albin Kurti, at the Diaspora Business Forum, said that with this forum there could be new networking to have more investments in the country.

"Kosovo is the most democratic country in the Western Balkans, we are the first in the Balkans for the rule of law. In 2021 we had a double-digit economic growth that was the highest in Kosovo after the war", he said, RTKlive reports.

According to Kurti, the economic growth of over 10% is evidence of the economic development of Kosovo. Kurti also spoke about the approach that Kosovo has, both in the field of IT and the Internet.

He also spoke about his visit to the US and possible opportunities for Kosovo, mentioning the agreement with MCC as an investment opportunity.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said the government was working on the legal aspect, establishing the Commercial Court.

"Any possible dispute between the businesses will be easily resolved in the Commercial Court," he said.

Kurti also said they are looking at the possibilities of how the diaspora could contribute to the development of Kosovo.

The Diaspora Business Forum is the largest economic activity in Kosovo and beyond, attended by hundreds of businesses from the diaspora and Kosovo. This year there are 197 businessmen from around the world and over 170 locals. The forum contains presentations on successful businesses, networking, B2B, and field visits. It has been organized for many years by the Albanian Business Network in Europe, the USAID Kosovo Compete Project, and the Germin organization.