Hovenier reacts to Russian foreign minister’s statement on Recak

The U.S. Ambassador to Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, reacted to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov denying the authenticity of the atrocities in Recak.

“Attempts to rewrite & deny the well-documented history of the Recak massacre glorifies war crimes, dishonors the memory of the dead, and reopens the wounds of survivors. Those who deny the atrocities at Recak seek to disrupt progress towards regional reconciliation, democratic consolidation, & European and Euro-Atlantic integration,” Hovenier said on Twitter.

Lavrov said in an interview that atrocities in Bucha, near Kyiv, are part of the “same scheme” as those in the village of Recak in 1999. He alleged that the victims in Recak were not civilians but militants whose uniforms were replaced with civilian clothing.