Von Cramon in Belgrade: Kosovo must be part of the EU

On Monday the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic met with the Member of the European Parliament, Viola Von Cramon. The issue of the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue and Serbia`s relations with Russia were the main topics, the presidency of Serbia announced.

According to Vucic, a compromise agreement must be reached through dialogue. Meanwhile, Von Cramon told Serbian media that Kosovo should be part of the EU. Regarding the issue of sanctions towards Russia, she said that this should be a matter for the government of Serbia.
According to the announcement from the presidency, Vucic said that he expects constructive support for the dialogue and finding a compromise solution, with the implementation of all agreements and above all for the formation of the Association of Serbian Municipalities. According to him, Serbia will continue to follow its European path.
MEP Von Cramon stressed that the respect for the rights of Serbs in Kosovo is in the interest of the European Union and the European Parliament and stressed the importance of continuing the dialogue, adding that in the current difficult geopolitical situation it is necessary for both parties to be responsible and refrain from provocations. "I would like Kosovo to be on the same level with Serbia within the EU. This is in the interest of the Serbian people as well, because without resolving this issue, it will be difficult for Serbia to be part of the EU," Viola Von Cramon said.
She also said that the comparison that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic makes between Ukraine and Kosovo, is unacceptable, writes the Serbian daily Danas. She added that Vucic knows that this war is a violation of international law - and that the two agreed on this during a conversation they had.