Citaku wants the state to clarify Ambassador Berishaj`s affair

The vice chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Kosovo, Vlora Çitaku in a press conference has once again asked the heads of Kosovo institutions to clarify as soon as possible the case of the affair in which the Ambassador of Kosovo to Croatia, Martin Berishaj was involved.

Çitaku has called on President Vjosa Osmani and Prime Minister Albin Kurti, not to take Berishaj under protection, but to react politically and institutionally to his dismissal.

"It has been more than a month since the Slovenian media published the news which included the ambassador of Kosovo to the Republic of Kosovo in Croatia, Martin Berishaj, in a suspicious scheme of money laundering and suspicious transactions. Following an immediate amnesty for Ambassador Berishaj by President Vjosa Osmani, Prime Minister Albin Kurti, and the Foreign Ministry - a deafening silence has reigned for more than a month now. No statement, no announcement, no word regarding this regional scandal of Kosovo's highest representative in Croatia," said Çitaku.

Further, she has said that many questions that have been raised need to be answered immediately.

"How was citizenship granted to Ambassador Berishaj with extraordinary urgency? Has the Kosovo Anti-Corruption Agency taken any action? Has Kosovo Prosecution initiated measures for the false declaration of assets by Ambassador Berishaj? Did Ambassador Berishaj show where the 600 thousand euros that he withdrew through his undeclared business go? Silence and institutional political inaction by the heads of state of Kosovo is the protection of Ambassador Berishaj," said Citaku.

Çitaku further urged the President and Prime Minister not to act as prosecutors or judges - but to take political and institutional steps and remove Ambassador Berishaj from office, paving the way for justice institutions to have their say.