Von Cramon calls for immediate liberalization of visas for Kosovo

The European Parliament rapporteur for Kosovo, Viola von Cramon, giving details of the report that she will present at the session of the European Parliament, has reiterated the need for the immediate liberalization of visas for Kosovo, which, according to her, is long overdue even though Kosovo has met all the criteria.

“This year’s Kosovo report comes in a special moment – the one when we see again horrors of war in Europe,” she wrote on Twitter. “Its government demonstrated full solidarity with Ukraine, for which I want to thank them,” Von Cramon stated.

She also informed that the report also underlines Kosovo’s long reform and EU-integration path. It covers a wide range of issues including the Rule of Law, the fight against organized crime and corruption, public administration and anti-discrimination.

Regarding the Rule of Law, the report urges authorities to cooperate with international partners and fully respect the Venice Commission Opinion. Rule of Law means equality for all, Von Cramon emphasized. “Thus, I call the Kosovo government to implement the Constitutional Court’s judgement regarding Decani Monastery and demonstrate that it does not have a selective approach when it come to the application of Rule of Law.

“An essential element of Kosovo’s EU integration path is the EU-led Dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo. EU’s special envoy Miroslav Lajcak has our full support and there is a unique trans-Atlantic unity. Yet, without legally binding normalization agreement, the accession to EU will not occur,” she wrote, stressing that the environmental protection must become a priority for Kosovo. “One of the main steps is the energy transition. Time to implement the Energy Strategy which will pave the way for decarbonisation of Kosovo’s energy mix and open the door for renewables.”