EP: Independence of Kosovo irreversible, visas to be liberalized

The European Parliament voted in the plenary session reports on Kosovo, Serbia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, a month after they were endorsed by the Committee on Foreign Affairs. 

EP rapporteur for Kosovo Viola von Cramon reiterated calls for visa liberalization for Kosovo after the report was adopted by 469 votes in favor, 96 against, and 72 abstentions. She said the issue is being blocked at the European Council but that it is also being raised at the top levels of the French and Dutch governments. “There is now a new momentum for unblocking this situation.”

The report on Kosovo states that any further delay in the visa-free regime for Kosovo would undermine the credibility of the EU as a reliable partner. It also reconfirms the clear support of the European Parliament for the EU-facilitated dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and reiterates the importance of a comprehensive, legally binding agreement for normalization of relations noting that this would be crucial for Serbia and Kosovo to advance on their respective European paths and which would also contribute to regional stability and prosperity. 

“Welcoming Kosovo’s alignment with the EU on sanctions against Russia and its strong solidarity with Ukraine, MEPs also stress that the independence of Kosovo is irreversible and call on the EU countries that have not yet recognized the country to do so immediately,” the report further said.