Musliu: Radojicic’s threat, Vucic’s new card in Putin’s hybrid war

Agim Musliu, the security expert, said in an interview with Kosovapress today that the video published by Milan Radojicic, deputy leader of the Serbian List who is wanted for the murder of Oliver Ivanovic, is a fragment of what he called the “Serbian-Russian hybrid war” and a card used by Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

According to Musliu, Radojicic’s video was done with Vucic’s approval and Vucic is allowing this to raise his value and shift the West’s attention away from his indecisiveness in imposing sanctions against Russia. “This suits most the hybrid war of Vladimir Putin because any eventual conflict in the Balkans shifts the attention away from the Russian aggression in Ukraine,” he argued.

Musliu also said that “large numbers of in the northern municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo, have realized that they are used by the criminal structures in the north for their criminal interests. Unfortunately, these structures are led by a party that is in parliament, namely the Serbian List, and Radojicic is their deputy leader”.