Police remove illegal cameras in Serb-majority Shterpce

Kosovo Police have carried out a court order to raid five locations in the Serb-majority municipality of Shterpce and removed surveillance cameras that were installed by parallel structures there.

A prosecutor confirmed the news.

“A court order is being implemented and police are raiding five locations that control the illegal structures in Shterpce,” the prosecutor said. “We are confiscating all cameras. We will carry out controls in several other centers where there is suspicion of surveillance cameras”.


The same prosecutor said that “today’s operation is not directly linked to the illegal constructions in Brezovica but it is linked to some people earlier arrested in the Brezovica operation, because one of them, namely the former mayor, Bratislav Nikolic, was also the coordinator of the illegal structures and these structures managed the surveillance cameras monitoring the movement of the citizens and the public institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and forwarding the information to security structures in Serbia … These illegal structures are against the legal and constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo, and they make up elements of the criminal act ‘joining in anti-constitutional activities related to the act of espionage”.