Risk of insufficient wheat supply in Kosovo

Farmers estimate that about 50 percent of the Kosovo population`s wheat needs are normally secured from the harvesting season but are unable to guarantee the exact amount and quality of this year`s harvest due to unfavorable climatic conditions and the increased price of plant protection products.

At the same time, farmers warn of difficulties with wheat supply from import due to the ongoing war in Ukraine and the blocking of the country's exports by Russia. 

Isuf Cikaqi, director at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Development department on agricultural policies, said that based on preliminary data the amount of wheat production will be within the average of 3,500-4,000 kg per one hectare of land. He said around 70,000 hectares of wheat are expected to be harvested this year.

Official data indicate that Kosovo spends on average 410,000 tons of wheat annually while university professor Imer Rusinovci considers that the price of wheat will increase significantly as of September. 

Autor: RFE