Dybala says yes to Inter!

The latest contacts between the Nerazzurri executives and the men close to Dybala led to a substantial agreement on the contract

The first big hitch that separated has been solved Paulo Dybala from arriving at Inter. Yes, because according to La Gazzetta dello Sport reports, Joya finally said yes to Inter’s proposal a month ago.

Rosea explains: “That’s right. Because the latest contacts between the Nerazzurri managers and the men close to Dybala have led to a substantial agreement on the contract. Antun and associates accepted the conditions proposed by Marotta a month ago now, that is the famous five million of a fixed base and the one million more linked to the actual attendance of the player, for a share equal to 50% of the Nerazzurri’s seasonal matches. Details remain to be filed, which this time details. The overall meaning of the question counts: Dybala said yes to the idea of ​​tying a part of his salary to performance on the pitch.

Had he done it a month ago, today he would be an Inter player, he would already be in retirement with Inzaghi in Appiano. In the meantime, Lukaku has arrived, and then the second problem, that of the space to free in the squad, is now all to be overcome. The situation is known: Inter must place Sanchez and one between Correa and Dzeko, not an easy feat but in any case not excluded by anyone in Appiano. What is less known is the state of mind of Dybala, who is beginning to be tired of the situation: he has chosen Inter for some time, he has sent his men to go and speak at the club headquarters, he has spoken with Zanetti and with Marotta and then does not fully understand how he cannot find a solution capable of finally bringing him to the Nerazzurri. This is why it cannot be excluded – now no longer – that other clubs, from Italy or abroad, will join “, concludes the newspaper.

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