Klinaku: Government publicized proposal without waiting for feedback

Acting leader of the KLA War Veterans Organisations, Faton Klinaku, commented on Facebook about the proposal of the Government regarding veterans’ pensions. He said the government made the proposal public even before receiving any feedback from the veterans “to play games in the public.”

“They talk about veterans deserving more benefits than they currently have, while their goal is not to change that payment even at this time of crisis. Some have no idea how and by whom the assessment and verification are done, and some are unscrupulous because they know that this cannot be currently done and presents an interference in the judicial process”. He added: “Do that evaluation and verification on dry paper because you have the files in the prosecutor’s office and the court.”

According to the media, the government proposed the adoption of a new law that would also initiate the process of assessing and verifying lists of KLA veterans.