The Indo-Kosovo Economic-Commercial Office to open soon

Although India has not recognized Kosovo, that is not preventing officials and businessmen from this country from being interested in economic cooperation with our country. Namely, the economic-commercial office with representation in India and Kosovo is expected to open soon.

Economic cooperation between India and Kosovo is at a low level. But the potential for increasing cooperation in many fields exists, the president of the Indian Economic Trade Organization, Dr. Asif Iqbal told Radio Kosova.

In the last few days, he is staying in Kosovo, where together with Mrs. Payal Kanodia, as well as businessman Deepak Kanodia, they held meetings with Prime Minister Albin Kurti, as well as several ministries, the Agency for Investments and Enterprise Support, Kiesa, etc.

"The office will open within three months.  After going back to India we will look at the modalities and possibilities of how we could bring investors to Kosovo. The office will focus on industrial cooperation, tourism, healthcare, education, and many other sectors", says Iqbal.

Iqbal calls on businessmen from both Kosovo and India to pay visits to one another’s countries.

"An Indian businessman could benefit from the free movement of Kosovo's goods with the countries of the region and the EU. It is also a great opportunity for the tourism business because the beauties we saw here can be compared to Western Europe. The expenditures are lower, which is of interest to Indian tourists who are looking for new and special destinations", he emphasized.

India's non-recognition of Kosovo cannot be an obstacle to economic cooperation, says Dr. Iqbal, as the office will also assist in the easiest visa facility. And this economic diplomacy, according to him, would enable relations between Kosovo and India to rise to another level.

Mrs. Pajyal Kanodia, who is planning to lead the office in India, said that from the meetings with many ministries, they had reckoned that Kosovo has many things to offer the world.

"It is my first visit to Kosovo and I loved this country. And it is opposite to what I’ve read on Google about it, the opposite of what is presented there. The people are warm and the young are talented and speak many languages..." she says.

The Economic-Commercial Office that Ms. Kanodia will lead in India will also help in finding business partners, as according to her, the office will be a reference point for Kosovo in India.

Businessman Deepak Kanodia thinks that cooperation would be beneficial for both countries. Investments in Kosovo can serve for the placement of products in the market of Europe and the Middle East, he says.

"Kosovo has this potential because it is in Europe and it is an undiscovered territory, where there will be full synergy for the businessmen of both countries. It also has a new and energetic government that we understand is interested in the development of the state", said Mr. Kanodia.

The Indo-Kosovo Commercial Economic Office, in India, will have its headquarters in New Delhi, while in our country, one of the options for the office to have its headquarters is in Prizren.

Autor: Radio Kosova