Kosovo govt discloses details on Kurti, Osmani mtg with Blinken

In a press release, the Prime Minister`s Office disclosed all the topics that were discussed in last night`s meeting between the President, Vjosa Osmani, and the Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, with the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Initially, it is said that Secretary Blinken emphasized the stable partnership between the United States and the Republic of Kosovo and thanked the leaders for their strong support in matters of importance to the United States of America. He expressed gratitude for the acceptance of Afghans in Kosovo, the support for Ukraine since the first days of the beginning of the Russian aggression there, as well as the joint work in other aspects.

Expressing the gratitude of the people of Kosovo for the support of the USA, the partnership and alliance between the United States of America and the Republic of Kosovo were highly appreciated at the meeting. Excellent bilateral state relations and opportunities for their advancement, especially in the economic field, with increased investments and increased trade exchanges, were highlighted.

Prime Minister Kurti emphasized that the Republic of Kosovo is a story of double success, of the work and endurance of the people and the intervention of NATO to stop the genocide of Serbia in Kosovo, and secondly, it is a story of the success of a quality democracy which goes together with economic development.

There was talk about good governance, the fight against crime and corruption, economic development, and social support as a response to the needs of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

The meeting discussed the democratization of the region as well as the strengthening of alliances to face the impacts and dangers that threaten the Western Balkans region. Kosovo's membership in NATO's Partnership for Peace Program, as well as the enhancement of Kosovo's defense and security capabilities and capacities, were said to contribute to sustainable peace and long-term stability of the entire Western Balkans region.

Commending the good cooperation with the USA in NATO, it was emphasized that defense is an area in which Kosovo has significantly increased its budget. We intend for Kosovo's security to have the USA as an indisputable but increasingly powerful partner, said Prime Minister Kurti.

It discussed the importance of the dialogue facilitated by the EU for the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, with mutual recognition at the center, on the way to Euro-Atlantic integration.

"At the meeting, it was reiterated that the Republic of Kosovo has so far engaged constructively and creatively in the dialogue process and that it is committed to reaching a legally binding agreement centered on mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia," it is said in the communiqué of the Prime Minister's Office.