Gërvalla to Lajcak: Reciprocity remains, postponement was US proposal

Whose was the proposal for the one-month postponement of the implementation of the measure of reciprocity for identity cards?

On Sunday evening, KosovoGovernment declared that this was the proposal of American Ambassador Jeff Hovenier, after the meeting that the latter had with President Osmani and Prime Minister Kurti, where Deputy Prime Ministers Besnik Bislimi and Donika Gërvalla were also present, the latter also Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Diaspora.

However, a post on social networks by Miroslav Lajçak, the EU emissary for the Western Balkans Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, has prompted the reaction of minister Gërvalla.

In his statement, Lajçak writes that he "welcomes the decision of Kosovo to accept the proposal of Joseph Borrel (Head of the EU for Foreign Policy) for the one-month postponement".

Lajcak writes that the EU expects all blockades to be lifted immediately.

"Borrell invited Kosovo and Serbia to engage in dialogue on the way forward. Grateful to the American embassy in Kosovo for the strong support".

But the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla-Schwarz, reacted to Lajçak.

In a post on Twitter, she wrote that Kosovo has agreed to stop implementing this measure until September 1, but only if the blockades are lifted on August 1.

"The facts remain facts: Kosovo has agreed with the US proposal, in line with the EU. We have agreed to pause it until September 1, 2022 - but only if the blockades are lifted on August 1," Gërvalla wrote.

"Reciprocity will remain a reality. Kosovo has not 'postponed' anything, the regulation on IDs was approved at midnight", she wrote, while sharing a post by Lajcak.