Kurti: Criminal structures in north supported by official Belgrade

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, held a press conference where he briefed on the latest developments in the country.

According to Kurti, illegal criminal structures in the north are supported by Serbia.

"It is not easy for our country, they are supported by the state apparatus of Belgrade", he said, RTKlive reports.

 Kurti said that the two points in the north, Bernjak, and Jarinje, are closed.  At the same time, the PM said, more than 1500 documents have been issued for the citizens of the Republic of Serbia who have entered Kosovo.

According to him, there are nine roadblocks located in the north of the country.

"All the measures we have undertaken are for the safety of citizens and have nothing to do with ethnicity. Violence will not be tolerated, they will be punished", he stressed.