Svecla: Jarinje and Bernjak border points opened, barricades removed

The Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Svecla stated that all the barricades that were placed in the north by the Serbian groups have been removed. In a long status on Facebook, he also informed that some groups have shot guns at Kosovo policemen on Sunday and Monday.

“Masked groups with long guns, led by Belgrade and coming from Serbia, have started attacks on the country’s citizens, brutally beating them, and today they also shot at police officials to kill them,” he wrote.

“These attacks were prepared for a long time and these preparations culminated in the meetings in Belgrade and Raska. Such attacks do not contribute to the stability of our countries and the region because, above all, our government has made two decisions respecting local and international laws. As we promised last night, as the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, by removing the barricades and ensuring freedom of movement for our citizens, we moved the implementation of the decisions to September 1, 2022, to maintain stability in the country and the region,” Svecla added.

He added further that creating panic, causing general danger, moving of armed and masked persons within the country, the brutal beating of the citizens as well as the attempted murder of police officers are unacceptable actions and, in this regard, the investigations and justice will be done. “The use of such criminal groups to destabilize the country by the Serbian side does not only endanger our country, and this becomes even more serious when Serbia, which aims to achieve its goals through such groups, receives full and already public support from Moscow.

“In addition to attacks on citizens, material damage, and attempted murders against police officers, last night we were also faced with cyber attacks that tried to hinder the functioning of the state. In this regard, we have taken all the necessary measures and the system has been successfully protected,“ he wrote.