Kosovo and Serbia are unlikely to reach a final agreement soon

Kosovo and Serbia are unlikely to quickly reach a final agreement with mutual recognition, even though the European Union and the USA are insisting on such a thing.

This is the opinion of experts on the political situation in the country. The same thing is that in the coming months, there will be dynamism in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia.

Despite the request of the European Union and the United States of America for the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia to move faster and be finalized with mutual recognition, those familiar with the political circumstances in the country are skeptical that the two countries can quickly reach an agreement.

Analyst Artan Muhaxheri told Radio Kosova that currently, the positions of Kosovo and Serbia are very hostile in the political aspect, and therefore he does not expect quick results in the dialogue.

"The dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia has stagnated a lot in recent years and there is no way that such a process, which is extremely complex, will end in such a short time and with these positions that are very hostile between the two countries in the political aspect", stated Muhaxheri.

University professor Dritëro Arifi is also skeptical about reaching the final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. But he thinks that Kosovo and Serbia can reach other agreements.

“I believe that some of the issues could be resolved quickly,  such as the issue of missing persons, which is also a humanitarian issue, us completing our obligations such as the association or whatever form we do, this would be for our international partners, especially for the USA, a final. I believe that the dialogue will be extremely dynamic in the coming months", Arifi told Radio Kosova.

The EU and the United States of America have requested an epilogue with mutual recognition. In the last meeting that President Vjosa Osmani and Prime Minister Albin Kurti had with the American Secretary, Antoni Blinken, the importance of continuing and concluding the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue with mutual recognition was emphasized.

Autor: Radio Kosova