SL reacts to Hovenier about Radoicic: Don’t make lump sum assessments

Serbian List has reacted to the statement of the ambassador of the United States of America in Kosovo, Jeff Hovenier, about the vice president of this party, Milan Radoicic, that he is related to transnational organized crime and corruption.

This party has rejected this statement of the American ambassador, asking him to present clear evidence for his statements and not to make “lumpsum” assessments.

“First of all, it is unacceptable to talk about anyone in such a way and for the accusations that the American ambassador has made against deputy chair Radoicic, no judicial procedure has been initiated that proves Hovenier’s claims,” says the reaction of the Serbian List.

It was further said that Hovenier’s statement was given to put pressure on Radoicic, the Serbian List, and the Serbian citizens in the north, in situations such as this last one.

“In the case of our vice president, apparently Prishtina and Mr. Hovenier believe that it is possible to find someone to blame without a court decision. Our citizens have understood that this statement about Mr. Radoicic was made to put pressure on Mr. Radoicic, the Serbian List, and the Serbian citizens in general in the north at the moment when Pristina is undertaking unilateral actions and terror against empty-handed citizens. These claims will not weaken the determination to survive and stay in these areas, respecting the contribution that Mr. Radojicic has made,” it was further said in the reaction.