Vetting process in justice towards finalization

The vetting process in justice is towards finalization. For this process to be completed successfully, apart from the votes of the communities, the parliamentary majority also needs the support of the opposition.

Connoisseurs of the justice system say that the ruling party must convince the MPs to vote in favor of vetting. Vetëvendosje and the Government say they are working in this direction.

Much talked about in recent years, Vetting in the justice system, which is considered very necessary for Kosovo, is on its way to finalization.

To complete this initiative of the Ministry of Justice, which was also an electoral promise of the Vetëvendosje Movement in the last elections, constitutional changes are necessary, for which, in addition to the votes of two-thirds of the deputies of the communities, the support of a part of the opposition is also needed.

Lawyer Gëzim Shala, from the Kosovo Institute for Justice, says that the parliamentary majority must work to convince the MPs to vote in favor of vetting.

"It is definitely up to the parliamentary majority and the Government to hold talks and convince the opposition and non-majority communities to vote for vetting. If it is not possible to change the constitution, according to the procedure, which is considered difficult to pass, vetting cannot be done. If there is no such agreement, to ensure 2/3 of the votes of all the MPs, such a process cannot be completed", Shala told Radio Kosova.

Vetëvendosje Movement MP, at the same time the head of the Legislation Committee, Adnan Rrustemi, as he mentioned several meetings held between Prime Minister Albin Kurti, the Minister of Justice, Albulena Haxhiu, and the opposition, tells Radio Kosova that they are working with everyone so the Vetting is completed successfully.

"Vetting is a social and institutional necessity in Kosovo. As such it will be accomplished with one or the other option. I wish and hope that this happens with constitutional changes. I would not understand the rejection of any parliamentary group. Whatever concerns they may have, we are willing to discuss them. I believe that Vetting will pass, but we still expect to have meetings and clarify all things", he said.

The Ministry of Justice to say that as far as vetting is concerned, they have held several meetings with political representatives and not only.

"After the acceptance of the final opinion, the vetting process contains new deadlines and will continue to be treated with priority, by the recommendations of the Venice Commission, in cooperation with all relevant legal and political actors, as well as in cooperation with international partners", it is said in a written answer to Radio Kosova.

Meanwhile, about the way the Ministry of Justice is thinking of developing the vetting process, the opposition, the Kosovo Judicial Council, and the prosecutorial council, have already expressed their objections.

Autor: Radio Kosova