Interior Minister Svecla visits Bernjak border crossing

Kosovo’s Minister of Interior Affairs, Xhelal Svecla, visited on Sunday the Bernjak border crossing and the station of border police. He also met with some of the police officers who were attacked by Serb illegal structures on July 31.

Svecla said that border police officers were attacked on Saturday as they were patrolling in Ujman Lake.

“Since last year until now there have been 14 attacks against in the north, and 10 of them were against police officers. Despite the challenges we are faced with, I saw among all police officers a determination and enthusiasm to fully implement their official duties and obligations. I thanked them for the zeal they have shown so far and I encouraged them to work together in making sure that law and order are implemented in that part too. The Ministry of Interior Affairs and the Government of Kosovo will be with the citizens and the institutions to guarantee the security and wellbeing of every individual and for all of us together,” Svecla said.