Kandic: Regions where Delic operated, over 2,000 civilians killed

Natasa Kandic from the Belgrade-based Humanitarian Law Center, in an interview with RTK, commented on the election of Bozidar Delic as one of the vice presidents of the Parliament of Serbia.

During the war in Kosovo, Delic served as commander of the 549th Motorised Belgrade. Kandic argued that over 2,000 civilians were killed in the region that was under Delic’s command.

“Delic was in the region of Prizren, Rahovec, Suhareka, and Dragash. Many crimes were committed in these municipalities. There are documents about over 2,000 civilians that were killed, and the mortal remains of over 450 victims were found. This is sufficient evidence for the prosecution to deal seriously with this and file charges, but nothing is expected to happen,” Kandic said.