Kurti asks Serbs to get Kosovo license plates

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, called on Serb citizens today to convert their license plates to RKS license plates.

Kurti said during the government meeting that while barricades were set up in the north there was a misinformation campaign, and that misinformation today represents a threat to Kosovo’s national security.

“Misinformation today represents a threat to national security … I call on you once again to closely follow the statements issued by our government, to verify the news sources, and not allow to be misinformed by those who could aim for instability. Our information campaign for the registration of license plates will not stop on September 1 when the two decisions will start being implemented.”

“Converting the license plates from those that are illegal to RKS serves the order, law, public security, and freedom of movement. By contributing to these objectives, you can benefit from exemption from the customs tax, the administrative tax, the tariff on the license plates, and so on, which amount to a total of around €5,000,” Kurti said.

Kurti also talked about the decision to issue entry/exit documents for Serbia nationals entering Kosovo and said that it does not impede the freedom of movement. “The average waiting time is 20 seconds … Meanwhile, the same measure has been applied by Serbia for 11 years now for Kosovars traveling to Serbia and they had to wait from 10 to 60 minutes,” he added. Kurti denied rumors that Serbian documents would be confiscated at the border. “The entry/exit document is an additional and free-of-charge document,” he said.

Kurti thanked the citizens of Kosovo for their patience and said that the roadblocks which are set up in the north “do not come from the bottom but are set up from above”. He said that the Kosovo Police and other security institutions are made of Kosovo citizens without any differences and that they serve all citizens.