EU calls on Kosovo and Serbia to immediately end inflammatory rhetoric

The European Union has called on political leaders in Kosovo and Serbia to immediately end the inflammatory rhetoric and act responsibly.

The EU expressed concern about statements mentioning war and conflict and said that it would hold the political leaders responsible for any escalation of the situation in the region. EU spokesman Peter Stano said in a statement: “The recent increase in inflammatory rhetoric by officials of Kosovo and Serbia, in particular the statements about the war and the conflict in the Western Balkans, are of great concern. Senior politicians from both sides will be held responsible for any escalation that could lead to any escalation of tensions and potential violence in the region. Both sides must immediately end hostilities between them and inflammatory statements and act responsibly”.

The EU also said that all open issues between the two countries should be addressed through dialogue. “The EU expects the two leaders to discuss these challenging topics at the next high-level dialogue meeting, invited by the High Representative, Josep Borrell,” it was added.

The EU also recalled that reaching a comprehensive and legally binding agreement for the full normalization of relations requires a climate that would contribute to the return of trust, reconciliation, and good relations, “where past agreements are respected and implemented in their entirety, and where actions and statements that are not by the general interests and strategic goals of the region have no place”.

The EU says that together with EULEX in Kosovo, it is in close coordination with KFOR and international partners, in particular the United States of America.

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic are scheduled to meet in Brussels on August 19.