Kosovo seeks western help to boost NATO and EU ambitions

Premier Albin Kurti urges allies to convince reluctant counterparts to recognize independence.

Kosovo has urged western powers to help it achieve its ambition to join the EU and Nato by convincing reluctant governments to recognize the country’s independence and pressing Serbia to resolve decades-long tensions over its statehood. Kosovo unilaterally declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Since then, more than 100 nations, including the US and most EU members, have recognized the country as an independent state.

But several EU and Nato nations — Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Slovakia, and Romania — have yet to do so.

“We need the help of our allies and partners — the UK, the US, Germany, France, Italy, and others — to help us with non-recognizers,” Kosovo prime minister Albin Kurti told the Financial Times, speaking ahead of a summit with Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić in Brussels scheduled for this week.


Autor: Financial Times