Less: Union of Kosovo with Albania puts an end to unclear situation

Professor of the Center for Geopolitics of the University of Cambridge, Timothy Less, has stated that "Albanians (in Kosovo) are worried about the security of their territory and do not want to give an autonomous area to the Serbs when they are not sure that they will achieve to keep the rest".

"In the absence of any possibility of recognition by Serbia, the only real possibility for Kosovo to end its ambiguous situation is the union with Albania. This is also what most of the Albanians of Kosovo want, as Kosovo is an artificial creature, a country that lacks a nation", Less is quoted as saying to the Serbian newspaper 'Blic'.

As he estimated, a great Albania is "almost inevitable" in the long term.

He said that "he does not see any immediate prospect for Kosovo or Albania to push this goal beyond the level of rhetoric due to the international veto and occasional symbolic gestures".

"In reality, I suppose they will wait, as others in the region do, for a change in geopolitical circumstances and the arrival of a time when the great powers will agree on a broad reorganization of the Balkans," said Less.