BSPK announces general strike as of August 25

The Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo (BSPK), in today`s media conference, announced the decision to commence a general strike as of August 25.

According to them, this decision was taken due to the non-fulfillment of their demands by the Government of Kosovo.

BSPK chairman, Atdhe Hykolli, said that they were obliged to take such a decision, as he warned of the possibility of strike extension until the demands are met.

"The BSPK has followed all the legal paths towards the fulfillment of our demands, but we have not been able to sit down and talk with the Government to find the right way. Therefore, the non-fulfillment of our demands has pushed us to announce the general strike today", Hykolli emphasized.

The requirements of the Union of Independent Trade Unions of Kosovo are that until the Law on Wages is approved, all public sector workers receive an allowance of 100 euros per month, the start of the implementation of the Law on Health Insurance, the amendment of the Law on Pension Schemes Financed by the State and the signing of the comprehensive collective agreement.