Tuhina: There will be intensive talks by EU with Kurti and Vucic

Brussels-based correspondent Gjeraqina Tuhina told the public broadcaster RTK that Thursday’s meeting has ended, but not the round of talks, as the efforts continue, and the talks will continue perhaps at the level of the chief negotiators from next week.

According to the EU, she said, there is still time until August 31 to find a solution.

She further explained that this meeting was extraordinary, based on the fact that it was organized as a result of the tense situation in the north of Kosovo.

“So, this meeting was focused on not repeating the previous situation, which happened on July 31”, she emphasized.

Tuhina also said that European and international engagements will continue.

“Tonight, intensive meetings and consultations between the EU’s special envoy Lajcak, the special emissary of the USA Gabriel Escobar, with Prime Minister Kurti, as well as with the Serbian president, Aleksandar Vucic will continue”. Tuhina said.

Further, she emphasized that it is unofficially understood that important European leaders have also been engaged to find an agreement, a solution, for the situation created now between Kosovo and Serbia.