Govt given ultimatum until September 5 to execute salaries

The full non-execution of salaries for the employees of the pre-university education sector and the municipal administration was the main concern of the Association of Municipalities of Kosovo in the meeting held on Thursday afternoon.

The President of the Association of Kosovo Municipalities, Sazan Ibrahimi, told Ekonomia Online that the preparations for the new school start were made by the municipalities of Kosovo, but that this did not happen due to the strike. He addressed criticism to the parties, which he said are not dialoguing to find a solution.

“After the statements of the Minister of Finance Hekuran Murati regarding the partial payment to civil servants at the local level, the Board of the Association of Municipalities of Kosovo invited the Council of Mayors for an urgent meeting. The meeting was held yesterday where the representatives of the 22 municipalities of Kosovo participated, and all the mayors expressed a sincere concern regarding the created situation,” Ibrahimi said.

He said that the central level has been given a deadline of September 5 to execute the salaries, otherwise, they will take other legal steps.