Stable, sovereign states in Balkans- important for Switzerland

The Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kurti hosted on Thursday the Minister of Defense of Switzerland, Viola Amherd.

During the meeting, he emphasized Kosovo’s goals and plans for membership in the NATO Partnership for Peace, the Council of Europe, as well as the application for membership in the Union European.

Beyond the bilateral cooperation in the economy and the increase in trade volume, the prime minister emphasized the readiness of the government of Kosovo to expand cooperation in the field of defense as well.

Minister Amherd said that Switzerland and Kosovo share common values. She emphasized the importance of the large emigration from Kosovo, which contributes to Switzerland’s economy.

Reiterating Switzerland’s support for Kosovo and its democratic development, she said that it is very important for Switzerland to have stable and sovereign states in the Balkan region.

“Switzerland’s willingness to help and assist the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for further growth of positive economic indicators was stressed. During the meeting, they talked about the security situation in Kosovo, the role of KFOR, the political situation in the region, the importance of the Berlin Process, as well as the Brussels dialogue,” the communique says.