In general, the strike continues

The strike in public administration and education continues, while there is still no movement to find a way out of the situation.

The member of the Strike Council of the BSPK, Vjollca Shala, told Radio Kosova that there is no division within the membership and that they do not put pressure on the teachers while calling on the government to not continue their pressure on strikers.

The trade unionists have expressed their willingness to continue the dialogue with the Government to get out of this situation.

The Union of Independent Trade Unions has stated that the strike is still going on, while they are holding meetings with the membership to discuss how to get out of this situation.

Although there were announcements that some schools have started with the teaching process, the vice president of the Education Union, also a member of the Strike Council, Vjollca Shala, told Radio Kosova that there are about 17 teachers who have stopped the strike, while emphasizing that this number was irrelevant.

Autor: Radio Kosova/RTK