Djaferovic: I have to say that BH does not recognize Kosovo

Citizens of Kosovo and Bosnia-Herzegovina are the only ones in the region who have strict barriers to movement between their countries.

Asked by RTK if there is any step towards freedom of movement, Bosnian member of the presidency Sefik Djaferovic said that this topic has not been discussed so far.
 "Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo have a strict regime for the movement of people, goods, and capital. There is no stricter regime anywhere. Serbia and all other countries have a more liberal approach. And I think it is in the interest of Bosnia and Herzegovina that the people living in Bosnia and those living in Kosovo should work to remove this regime and move freely. At this point, there is no consensus in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But I believe that the time will come when, at least, when freedom of movement is concerned, compatibility will be achieved, because this is in the interest of all people, because, as a result of this regime, we are suffering damages at both sides," Djaferovic said.
"Everything I'm talking about I've been working on for the entire four years I've been in the presidency, but there is no consensus within the presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina", he said.