Govt confirms: Kurti was aware of assassination plan against him

The Office for Public Communication of the Government of Kosovo has confirmed that Prime Minister Albin Kurti was aware of plans for his assassination in 2021.

Earlier today, the Albanian media  "A2 News" reported that a document was published by Iranian hackers, which they say was stolen from the former Director General of the Police of Albania, Gledis Nano, and which states how a year ago the Unit Against Terrorism in Kosovo had discovered a plan that was made to execute the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, then Ismet Haxha, the former member of the Information Service of Kosovo, as well as Xhavit Halit, the PDK MP.

Asked by the media about this issue, Kosovo Government has confirmed that they were aware of such a plan.

"The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has been notified of this case by the Kosovo Intelligence Agency. Security institutions have taken all measures to prevent this action. The case has not been made public in order not to spread panic", says the response of the Office for Communication with the Public in the Government of Kosovo.

According to 'A2 News', which was provided access to these documents, the suspect for carrying out this plan was Prek Kodra, who lives in Shkodër and operates in Tropoja, Ferizaj, and Deçan. The document said he was a good sniper.

The purpose of the execution plan of these assassinations was to destabilize the situation in Kosovo.