EU concerned over strengthening Serbia-Russia relations

European Union has expressed concern over the strengthening relations between Serbia and Russia after the two countries signed an agreement to cooperate on foreign policy.

EU foreign policy spokesman, Peter Stano, said today that the agreement comes at a time when Russia is continuing its aggression against Ukraine and is “violating international law, with its forces committing crimes against civilians, and organizing illegal referendums in the occupied territories”.

“If in these circumstances we see that Serbia’s Foreign Minister signs an agreement for consultations with a country that commits such acts, then this is a sign that Serbia is strengthening its relations with Russia. And this raises serious concerns. Relations with Russia cannot be as if nothing has happened. We take this very seriously,” he said.

Stano called on the leadership in Serbia to assure, as part of the EU membership process, “a stronger coherence between its foreign policy initiatives and support for international values and the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.