Defense Ministry refutes Serbian media reports about KSF in north

Kosovo’s Ministry of Defence issued a reaction on Monday refuting reports in some Serbian media about the alleged movement of Kosovo Security Force (KSF) troops in the municipality of Zubin Potok, in the north of Kosovo.

“This fake news is dangerous misinformation aimed at creating a climate of tension and tends to damage the image of the Republic of Kosovo and the Kosovo Security Force. But in reality, our citizens without any ethnic differences, have the right understanding of the defense role of the KSF,” the statement notes.

The ministry also said that it coordinates all training and operational activities with local and international authorities, namely with KFOR, and in line with its constitutional and legal mandate.

“We call on all citizens, especially those living in the north of the country, not to fall prey to misinformation and fake news that have dark intentions. The Ministry of Defence and the Kosovo Security Force are and will always be in the service of all our citizens without any differences,” the statement concluded.