Dozens of miners trapped 60 meters underground in Stantërg mine

The miners in Stantërg have been trapped in the cavern. This is due to the breakdown of the energy system, which has made it impossible to operate the elevator to get them out.

The news was confirmed to RTK by Behxhet Vinarci, director of the mine in Stantërg.

According to him, the fault in the energy network of the mine came after a flash of lightning struck the electric poles near the mine, causing a fault in the energy network and a lack of electricity.

Those trapped are miners from the first shift,  who have been blocked for more than four hours in the cavern.

In addition to going to the surface, due to the lack of electricity, the malfunction of the water pumps and ventilation is as well at risk.

Currently, it is believed the trapped miners are 60 meters underground.