The Union of Education gives signs strike could end

Deputy leader of the Union of Education, Science and Culture of Kosovo (SBASHK), Ymer Ymeri, gave signs today that the strike in the education sector could end.

In an interview, he said that if the government does not back down, it will consult the membership about the future course of action because the strike has been going on for a long time. “If the government doesn’t back down at all, we will talk with the membership and see what we will do because the strike has lasted for a long time and the government does not seem willing to make a move. We need to consult our membership but this remains a competency of the Strike Council of the BSBK [The Union of Trade Workers Unions of Kosovo] because the civil servants are on strike too and we need to coordinate with them about any decision. Whatever the membership decides, we will be their voice, but the membership will likely see that there is no solution and that they will have to find a solution by themselves,” he said.