International partners promise continued support for KSF

Kosovo’s Ministry of Defence and the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) have organized the annual international conference “KSF and partners 2022”.

KFOR chief of staff, John Bozicevic, said that in the past KFOR has helped the KSF medical staff, held drills in aviation and that in the future they will find new ways of cooperation for peace and prosperity. “Thank you for the work we have done together, especially in the areas of demining, public order, and humanitarian disasters,” he said.

Head of the NATO Advisory and Liaison Team (NALT), Joachim Hoppe, said their team is ready to aid the further development of the KSF in education and training. “We are now engaged in advising and developing the KSF in personnel leadership … We have very good relations with the KSF. We also need to be self-critical and we know that there is a long road ahead to meet our objectives,” he said.

UK Ambassador to Kosovo, Nicholas Abbott, said that KSF members were trained in the UK and have been successful. “The liaison work with the KSF is very tactical and operational. Three KSF doctors completed short courses while they were in the academy. We will continue to support intelligence capacities and also the support program for the training phase,” he said.