Rohde: Kosovo and Serbia will have to make difficult decisions

German Ambassador to Kosovo, Jorn Rohde, said in an interview with Radio Kosova that Kosovo and Serbia are going to have to make some difficult political decisions because there is no more time to delay unresolved problems.

He said that the German government sees the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia as a priority and that it is working for Kosovo to get visa liberalization soon.
Rohde said it is clear that mutual recognition between Kosovo and Serbia must be the outcome of the dialogue.

Rohde also said that with the Brussels agreement, Kosovo has taken over the obligation to form the Association of Serb-majority municipalities.

“Therefore, we expect this agreement to be implemented in practice. Of course, in line with the Constitution of Kosovo and for the Association not to be formed as Republika Srpska. In Europe, many models can serve to find a solution to these problems, and we expect the Kosovo government to solve this problem and to form the Association which is an obligation ratified by the Kosovo Assembly,” he said.

Autor: Radio Kosova