Czech FM: I have high expectations for visa liberalization

Foreign Minister of the Czech Republic, Jan Lipavsky, said during his stay in Prishtina today that he has high expectations that EU member states will decide in favor of visa liberalization for Kosovo.

“The process consists of technical and political aspects. The EU will review the technical part and the Czech Presidency of the EU hopes that there will be a positive decision on the political aspect. I have high expectations for political decisions. I have asked the Dutch Foreign Minister about his position, but he said that they will look into the technical aspect and then decide about the political aspect,” he said.

Lipavsky said that the Czech Republic will support Kosovo in the rule of law area and for membership in international organizations. “Our message is clear, the citizens of Kosovo can count on the Czech support in the rule of law area and also for membership in international organizations, including the EU and NATO. My first visit to Kosovo comes at a time when the Czech Republic has the presidency of the EU. I want to stress that the Western Balkans, including Kosovo, is among our regional priorities. Our efforts are focused on achieving progress in the integration process, including visa liberalization. There are technical meetings that are expected to result in a positive decision for Kosovo and the Czech Presidency is working on this and we support this,” he said.

Lipavsky said that an agreement is needed between Kosovo and Serbia before they can integrate into the EU and called for the implementation of all agreements reached in the dialogue. “I want to say that the normalization of relations is a crucial aspect of the European integration process. Without success in this area, it is impossible to have success in approximation with the EU. Both parties must respect and implement the agreements reached through the dialogue,” he added.