Abdixhiku accuses government of arrogance and undemocratic behavior

Leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) Lumir Abdixhiku, criticized Thursday the Kurti-led government, saying that it is incompetent and that it is stalling in the economy, education, health, energy, as well as in investments.

During a visit to Podujeve, Abdixhiku said that instead of providing a solution, the government is producing crises, threats, and a lack of realization of projects. “This Government has already failed. In just 18 months they proved incapable of managing the country, let alone coping with the severe crisis. Above all, we see arrogance, undemocratic behavior, and disrespect for public debate. Kurti is running away from problems and leaving the country in the middle of a crisis because he can’t resolve it,” Abdixhiku said, describing further the severe situation in healthcare, economy, and employment.

“Moreover, we are the only country in Europe that has not started the education process this year. Kosovo is the only country that had power outages during the summer because the government failed to maintain production capacities in time. A massive failure,” he said.

The LDK leader said his party has proposed concrete steps to the government to deal with the crisis, but the executive has refused to take the advice into account.