Kurti: Kosovo and Germany have special friendship

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, said on Thursday on the Day of the German Reunification, that Kosovo and Germany have a special friendship.

“It is not solely based on strategic, political, or economic interests: It is much more –we do share the same understanding of basic human rights and liberal social values. We have this strong bond, this bond that is in large part carried by our diaspora living in Germany, who are also deeply involved here in Kosova, with their hearts and minds and savings. If I envy Germany for anything (besides bringing about the most famous thinkers and music composers) – is that it is home to those hardworking people. You owe us big time. But Germany gave us so much back in the last decades that we are thankful for:

– We are thankful that you welcomed and gave shelter to Kosova’s refugees during the last decade of the 19th century,

– Thankful for 1999 when you firmly stood with NATO and with our people to stop genocide,

– Thankful for over one billion EUR development aid,

– Thankful for steady political support on the international stage.”