EC reaffirms recommendation on visa liberalization for Kosovo

The European Commission has submitted to the EU member states the updated report on visas, where the achievements of the Kosovo authorities in the main areas are evaluated.

It is about the key document which will serve as a basis during the decision-making process for visa liberalization. According to the European Commission, the 2018 recommendation for visa liberalization remains fully valid.

Kosovo has created a strong legal and operational framework to fight corruption, and organized crime and to deal with immigration and security risks, the European Commission considers, in the latest report on visas.

In this document, which has been submitted to the member states, it is underlined that the basis for the Commission's recommendation in 2018, to exclude citizens of Kosovo for visa requests, as stated, remains fully valid.

It is a factual supplement to the main developments in the areas of interest to the EU member states, which, in the framework of the decision to liberalize visas, have also requested an evaluation of the European Commission. Since the European Commission's report in 2018, when the visa recommendation was first given, according to the European Commission, Kosovo has continued to consolidate progress in the main areas identified in the visa guide, says the report of this institution.

According to the assessment of the European Commission, since 2018, Kosovo has made significant efforts to further improve the justice system, including efficiency, professionalism, accountability, and integrity.

It is also estimated that Kosovo has strengthened the institutional and judicial legal framework in the four key areas, which include document security, border and migration management, public order and security, as well as fundamental rights related to freedom of movement and thus, has brought them closer to EU standards.

Otherwise, this is a key document on which the legislative procedures for the visa liberalization process will begin. On October 13, when the decision-making procedures formally begin, the EU member states will have this report of the European Commission as a basis.

The Commission's report further states that even after the liberalization of visas, the monitoring of Kosovo's implementation of all the requirements defined in the guidelines will continue.