Kurti reacts again to killing of pregnant woman by her husband

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti took to Facebook today to react again against the killing of a pregnant woman by her husband in front of the maternity hospital in Prishtina on Wednesday.

He said that the fight for gender equality is not a private matter.

“When a woman is killed it is too late. Societal awakening is happening lately, and it lasts for a short time. A protest or two the next day and then farewell until the next killing. Women that are killed in their families are those that resisted the violence of their husbands. Women that are killed are women that did not keep silent. Our society is in general silent toward the killed voice of those women. Women (and their children) are fighting inside their private homes without the required public support,” Kurti said.

“Kosovo’s citizens, in particular Albanians that consider themselves patriotic, must raise their voices against men that raise their hands against women. Kosovo has less than 10,000 police officers and more than 300,000 families.”