CDHRF: Failure of state protection mechanisms

The Council for the Defence of Human Rights and Freedoms (CDHRF) issued a statement today reacting to the killing of a pregnant woman by her husband last night in Prishtina and claiming that the crime is a direct consequence of the failure of state protection mechanisms.

The Council appealed to the people to help the police if they have any information about the whereabouts of the perpetrator and strongly opposed inciting and abusing statements by politicians who want to score political points.

“The CDHRF also calls for investigations that will reveal which part of the institutional chain of command that was responsible for the life of the victim, failed and to undertake concrete measures … The biggest mistake was that an electronic tag was not placed on the suspect, although the legal basis for this exists and is foreseen in a law that was adopted two years ago. The chain of responsibility is long, and the issue cannot be closed with the arrest of the suspect.”