Pregnant woman`s murder: Svecla demands in-depth investigations

The murder of a pregnant woman in front of the Gynecology Clinic in Prishtina, an act allegedly committed by her ex-husband, who is still on the run, has led the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kosovo, Xhelal Sveçla, to ask the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, the initiation of investigations into the work, actions, and inactions of all police officials who were involved in handling the case of the now deceased woman.

Minister Sveçla has warned of measures against those who may be responsible for the case, assuring that without any dilemma, as soon as he officially accepts the required reports, all necessary measures will be taken against anyone who, knowingly or unknowingly, may be responsible.

"I assure you that all the necessary police capacities have been engaged so that this criminal is arrested as soon as possible and brought before the justice authorities", Minister Sveçla said in a Facebook post.

In his reaction, one day after the serious incident, Minister Sveçla stated that he asked the Police for maximum commitment for the arrest of the suspect Sokol Halili.

"Like all the citizens of our country, I am shocked by the macabre murder of Hamide Magashi and her child a few hours before birth," he said.

The Minister stated that the Kosovo Police has requested the maximum commitment of all police officers for the immediate arrest and "bringing to justice the criminal and double murderer, Sokol Halili".

Sveçla stated that arrest and justice are the urgency of this case and called on citizens to cooperate with the police if they have information that could facilitate or speed up this process.

“Also, I have asked for detailed reports on the case and history from the first official information to the moment of the macabre act", wrote Minister Sveçla.