Osmani calls meeting of institutional leaders

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani has called a meeting of the Council for Democracy and Human Rights two days after a pregnant woman was killed in Prishtina by her husband.

The meeting, which will bring together all institutional leaders, according to Osmani, is expected to announce concrete measures that need to be undertaken to prevent the killing of girls and women in Kosovo.

Osmani told RTK that Kosova, as a state and society, is faced with a serious challenge and that femicide must not be tolerated and needs to be stopped urgently.

“There are two points in the agenda: First, every institution must give their input about the flaws in our system for the protection of girls and women, and second, we need to make concrete conclusions on how to prevent these acts of violence and this femicide as urgently as possible,” Osmani said.

“I hope that every institution that will attend the meeting will bring a list of concrete actions that are under the umbrella of the Council for Democracy and Human Rights and which will then monitor the implementation, to be moved forward and to understand the seriousness of this extremely shocking situation for all our society and state. As a state and society, we are faced with a serious challenge, because femicide must be urgently stopped and it must not be tolerated”.