Kosovo football federation complains to FIFA

The Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK) said on Sunday that it has submitted a complaint and evidence to FIFA due to what it called a “serious insult of the coach of the Serbian national team” as well as the “racist actions of the Serbian fans” during World Cup match between Switzerland and Serbia on December 2.

According to FFK, the display of slogans with political and racist messages against Albanians was heard almost throughout the match, in which Switzerland won with a score of 3:2.

“FFK demands from FIFA an investigation of this case and sanctions against the Football Federation of Serbia so that fascist calls once and for all stay away from football stadiums and away from events like the World Cup,” the FFK said.

According to the FFK, such calls from fans of the teams participating in the World Cup, “cannot be understood and justified by anyone, especially now when Europe is threatened by the fragile security situation as a result of the aggression Russia’s unprovoked attacks on Ukraine”.

“Teams and fans with behavior and philosophy of hatred of man for man should not have a place in such an important sports event as the World Cup ‘Qatar 2022’,” said the FFK on December 4.